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Taking Invisalign to School: 5 Tips for Your Teen

August 16, 2021

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During the summer, your teen has spent their free time with work, shows, and friends. But soon, they’ll go back to a more structured schedule. Everyone feels a little anxious and excited leading up to the first bell, but if your teen is wearing Invisalign, the start of this school year may be a little more nerve-racking for you than usual. How can you make sure they stay on track with their treatment while they’re away at school for most of the day? Here are some practical tips for both of you!

Wear the Aligners

This tip may seem obvious, but one of the most challenging parts of this treatment for teens is getting them to wear the aligners for enough time every day. They need to be in your child’s mouth for at least 20 hours every day—meaning they’re in during class, while talking with friends, and while working on homework.

Take the Aligners Out for Eating

If your teen has been wearing Invisalign for a while, they already know this rule, but it can be tempting for them to take the “easy” or lazy way and just leave them in while they eat. However, doing so can damage the aligners. Make sure they understand the importance of following the directions they’ve been given.

Remember to Pack Your Aligner Case

As convenient as it is to have “invisible” braces, these clear plastic aligners are easy to misplace or lose. They are barely visible, so it’s important that your teen puts the aligners in the case when not wearing them. In the morning before your teen leaves the house, double check that they have their case. Otherwise, you may be calling up our office or digging in the trash.

Maintain Good Hygiene at School

With many , it may seem like a good idea to skip brushing and flossing after they eat. However, the aligners will trap the bits of food and plaque on and between their teeth, increasing their chances of getting a cavity. Stuck food can also affect how the aligners fit. It’s worth making a bit of extra time in your teens busy day to fit in these hygiene habits.

Pack a Soft Lunch

During the first couple of days in a new set of aligners, your child’s mouth will likely feel sore. To help them get through this minor discomfort, you can make sure they have softer foods during these days. Yogurt, soup, or smoothies are all easy to eat and gentle on your teen’s shifting smile. With every new school year, there’s always a learning curve. You and your teen will get used to including Invisalign in your routine, and our team is here to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Good luck in this next school year!