Photo Gallery

Sometimes you have no idea how a certain dental treatment will really look on you. Here are just a few "before-and-after" photos of some of our most common procedures. Come in and see how we can enhance your appearance with a complimentary smile evaluation.

                           Before                                                                  After

      Chipped, misaligned, undersized teeth           Natural looking porcelain veneers        



                             Before                                                                      After

    Rotated, protruded, misaligned teeth               Corrected with porcelain veneers

                                  Before                                                                     After

                                   Before                                                                     After

                   20 year old porcelain veneers          Beautiful smile renewed with porcelain veneers


                              Before                                                                        After

          Implant replacing missing tooth                                    Cosmetic ceramic crown   


                                  Before                                                                   After

           2 mismatched bulky old crowns                             2 new front ceramic crowns                                             

                                Before                                                                       After

           Short retained baby canine teeth             Pocelain veneers add length to improve smile


                    Before                                             After

              Dark tooth due to injury                            4 porcelain veneers

                     Before                                            After

           Spaces, undersized teeth                        cosmetic ceramic crowns


                            Before                                                        After

               Old bonding on two front teeth                     Crown, Porcelain Veneer, and Whitening

                                Before                                                                               After                                                   Unhappy with spaces and dark teeth                                   Cosmetic ceramic crowns


                             Before                                                       After

    Tetracycline medicine stain with old bonding              Ceramic crowns covering stains


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